Why Humidifiers are Good for the Work Environment

The workplace is a robust and dynamic setup that prompts office workers to multitask and continuously upgrade their skills. Many offices are now integrating the use of humidifiers to create a comfortable, energized, and relaxing work environment for employees who have 9-to-5 jobs. People in the corporate scene eat and breathe stress which causes most sicknesses at which is also aggravated by poor ventilation and humidity levels. The use of humidifiers is geared towards making sure stress levels and health risks are reduced while boosting productivity.

The skin needs around 30% to 40% of moisture or humidity levels to maintain its softness and elasticity. Anything more than 50% is considered a health risk. In addition, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) also recommends humidifiers for relief of sinus infections, common cold, flu, itchy eyes, dry skin, asthma allergies, and the like. Contrary to popular belief, you can use humidifiers all year round or during cold and warm months by shifting from cool-mist to warm-mist humidifiers or vice versa. Many offices are now banking on humidifiers as a solution to the health predicaments and need for a productive space by employees.

What to Look for in a Humidifier for Office Use

When choosing a humidifier for your office space, you need something with a higher gallon dispersion rating or pertaining to mist output made within a 24-hour period that can cover a wide area. Room humidifiers are ideal for offices because these have sleek features like digital controls, timer, auto shut off mode, and humidistat which do not require you to manually manage or monitor humidifiers – it adjusts accordingly to humidity level changes and can also be customized in line with your needs.

If in case you need a specialized humidifier solely for your office cubicle, then a portable humidifier would do the trick. This is advisable for getting rid of the stuffiness and dry air in your office. More so, these portable humidifiers are small, handy, and is a great companion for travels which you can easily pack in any travel bag. A humidifier with both cool- and warm-mist capacity would be best for your needs because you can just flip from one option to another as needed; especially if you tend to travel frequently for business functions.

Benefits of Humidifiers in the Workplace

Prevents illnesses from spreading like wildfire. Low humidity levels aggravate and increase certain respiratory and skin diseases because the temperature and dry air is conducive for viruses and bacteria to thrive and multiply. You would observe that epidemics of sorts are most often triggered by dry air and this can be observed in offices wherein people work in close clusters. The use of humidifiers will help ease and soothe respiratory conditions and avoid the spread of infection or transmission of airborne diseases.

Reduce absenteeism. Healthy humidity levels will ensure optimal health conditions for office workers. Providing a safe and properly ventilated office space is important to keeping employees comfortable and in top form while manning tasks and piles of to-do lists.

Boost worker productivity. It is a priority and primary concern of the management to ensure that healthy working conditions are in place to maximize productivity levels of office workers. Healthy employees thrive in comfortable and refreshed workstations that will allow people to work with ease, perform better cognitively, speed up results, and increase efficiency.

Increases shelf life of office equipment and furniture. The integration of industrial humidification systems is not just beneficial for the office staff but works wonders for furnishings and office equipment because it reduces static and also prevents mold formation and bacterial growth that can hamper proper functioning of equipment and cause staining or damage in office furniture.

Several large offices employ humidification systems that integrate easily with the central air-conditioning system. While this provides a well-defined coverage, a lot of office workers would still opt for in-room humidifiers or portable humidifiers than can be moved from one corner of the tabletop to another. This is also convenient and user-friendly especially for business trips. De-stress and get more breathing space at work with humidifiers that can get you right in the mood to hustle.

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