Weird Home Remedy Healing Tips

Back in the days, people would rely on organic remedies from nature to treat varied illnesses. Old habits die hard which is why up to this modern day, some folks still stick to natural remedies to alleviate pain and discomfort in certain areas of the body; which has been found to be more effective and safe than the over-the-counter medicines.

Some remedies though are said to be weird or rather unconventional because these items are not typically used for a specific purpose; but are said to be equally effective and even cheaper than prescribed medications – sure wouldn’t hurt to try it out.

We’ve scanned the myths from facts to give you what works and what is pure gimmickry. Check out these top 5 weird or out-of-the-box home remedy healing tips that works like a pro:

  1. Mouthwash for Athlete’s Foot. You feel the itch and your feet tend to be sweaty and smelly than usual – this is a fungal infection coined as Athlete’s Foot. Try soaking your feet on a bowl of mouthwash (Listerine) before taking a bath. Do this at least 2x or 3x a week. This will effectively remove the awful smell and itch from your feet because of its antiseptic properties.
  2. Duct tape for warts. This handyman tool can work for your skin ailments like warts. Some dermatologists recommend its use which is said to be a cheaper yet effective remedy for removing warts rather than undergoing painful treatment options. To do this, cut the duct tape a bit larger than the area of the warts, let it stay there for 6 days. After a week, remove the duct tape and soak the wart area in water. Gently scrape off the warts with pumice stone or emery board and leave it uncovered for a night. Use another piece of duct tape and repeat the process until the wart is completely removed.
  3. Chocolate for cough. The food for the gods is deemed medicinal in the treatment of cough conditions. Chocolate is said to contain theobromine which is a natural cough suppressant because it suppresses the flare-up of the vagus nerve in chronic cough. This ingredient is found in cocoa beans and is found in generous proportions on dark chocolate and cocoa powder and less in milk chocolate. Serving size: 1 ounce for kids and 2 ounces for adults per day or as needed.
  4. Superglue and ChapStick for cuts. This is certainly the most odd but is said to work for mean cuts. If your cut is not that serious to warrant any emergency procedure, you can do this right at home with a superglue and ChapStick (any flavor). Wash the affected area and let it dry (don’t rub with a towel). Stick the cut back together with superglue and rub some ChapStick at the top to act as a sealant and to soothe the cut. ChapStick contains healing properties like beeswax, camphor, petrolatum, aloe, and vitamin E which helps soothe and alleviate pain and inflammation in cuts.
  5. Chicken soup with onions for flu and colds. Comfort foods like a bowl of hot chicken soup prove to alleviate flu and colds. The onions with chicken soup have anti-inflammatory property that helps flush out mucus deposits from your lungs helping you feel better faster than any OTC medicines.
  6. Mustard for burn. What to do when you burn yourself? Grab mustard. Little accidents happen in the kitchen especially when handling hot meals or beverages. This popular condiment certainly comes handy for emergency purposes like for treatment of burns. Mustard is said to have vasodilators which help facilitate steady blood flow to the affected area and thus, relieving soreness and pain. It is proven effective to provide a cooling and soothing sensation on the burnt area of the skin while also reducing redness or any discoloration.

The remedies given above are rather odd and offbeat processes but these are actually recommended even by physicians. Before you proceed with the above remedies, be sure that you consult your doctor to avoid any allergic reactions or potential side-effects. Overall, the above healing tips are certainly based on facts and have earned dramatic positive re