There Is Such A Thing As Brain Food

If we were going to sigh about “kids these days,” we would be sighing about the crazy things they do to keep themselves awake and working as they study. Energy drinks, energy foods, energy everything gets poured into their bodies.

However, that is almost nothing compared to what 8-to-5 employees pour into their bodies. Hastily grabbed sandwiches and snacks at convenience stores hardly make for healthy eating, and a job only means they can upgrade from energy drinks to endless cups of coffee. What they seem not to know is that there are actually foods that help whole-day performance.

How to Pick Your Brain Foods

Slow-Burn Brain Foods to Start Your Day

A mug of coffee in the morning (and then maybe again after lunch) helps sleepy employees and businesspersons jerk their brains into the game. However, the sugar and caffeine burn quickly, leaving them tired and looking for another sugar source before long.

The answer to that is not to forswear well-timed mugs of coffee, but to mix them with slow-burn foods that will continue to provide energy after the jumpstart has run its course. These slow-burn foods are composed of whole grains such as wheat bread, brown rice, and wheat-based cereals. The body burns these fuels slowly, and they can last out the day.

Memory Retention Brain Foods to Enhance Performance

What is the use of pulling 24-, 36-, or 48-hour days if your memory retention and awareness are operating at zero capacity that many hours in? You might be physically awake, yes, but your brain has already tucked itself in and turned on the nightlight. Focus on working less hours at increased performance levels with these foods.

Blueberries have been proved an effective memory aid, and they can be easily binge-eaten in any form. Tomatoes prevent memory deterioration, while blackcurrants give the creative side of the brain a boost. Keeping peanuts as a nearby snack also staves off memory deterioration.

General Brain Foods to Maintain Health

Last, what is the use of all-day energy sources and memory retention foods if you keel over from sickness? Maintain your overall health by taking in Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs; the famed Omega-3 oils). Oily fish provides those, as do oils from soya bean oil, linseed oil, and pumpkin seeds. These oils clean the heart, oil the joints, and fight heart and blood diseases.

Another major help to bodily health would be the intake of vitamins through various fruits and vegetables, or even supplements. The more vitamins the body can draw on at need (within reason and prescription), the more the body will maintain its health.

Healthy Eating: More Than Just A Fad

Sometimes, the perception of healthy eaters is that they have the time and leisure to pick and choose the foods they eat. Since businesspersons and 8-to-5 employees tend to be regularly rushing, healthy eating seems more a fad than anything else. However, healthy eating is one of the best, least-considered performance boosters in the business world.