3 Ways to Keep Down Stress in Business

For the 8-to-5 day 40-hour work week employees, weekends are bliss. They can go to the spa, go to the dentist, go to the park, sleep until noon, stay awake until midnight. However, for businesspeople, their lives feel like 24-hour, 7-day work weeks. Their work phones can never be off, their email alerts need to be on, and they can be interrupted in the middle of anything.

Stress is your biggest danger. It is almost as if you do not realize that the business is yours, and that taking care of the business means taking care of yourself first. Here are three simple ways to keep stress at a manageable level.  

Find a Hobby

The biggest danger of having any all-consuming work or business is that all of your emotions are tied up in in. If it is growing, you are euphoric. If it is failing, you despair. If it is stagnating, you feel like you are not moving forward in life. If all of your life has one focus point, there will be no balance, but there will definitely be too much pressure.

Find a hobby that you can commit to at least once a week. It can be something new, but we suggest it should be something you are good at. If you feel like you are progressing in one thing, there is hope and inspiration to continue with another. Balance is struck.

Cut Down on Home Stress

Even if you end up working from home on weekends, find as many ways to cut down on home stress as possible. Prepare ahead of time: lay out clothes and pack your bags the night before. Wash dishes with hot water so they dry quickly (or invest in a dishwasher). Label boxes for your keys, wallet, phone, and anything else you know you will misplace at the last minute.

Find other ways to keep your stress down. If you have a dog and you do not always have time to take him out for exercise, get an invisible dog fence. If your books are in piles, just straighten the piles instead of putting them away (that might add to the stress).

Fit Business into Your Lifestyle

And not the other way around. Your life is still your life, and business is just one of the things you do with it. If you decide that you will only work 40- to 50-hour work weeks, then only work that number of hours (unless the world will end if you do not). If you want your weekends to be sacred, then keep them free come hell or high water, as the saying is.

You Dictate the Pace

At the end of the day, the world will only move as fast as you let it. It only moves as fast as it does because we are trying to catch a pace set for us. Set the pace, dictate it, and keep it. If your weekends are sacred, others will have time to keep their weekends the same. As you slow down, they slow down. Do not burn out, keep healthy and balanced, and find long-term happiness and success.